Kim Albrecht – A map is a map of a map


In the book, the ‘Laws of Form’ first published in 1969 George Spencer Brown creates a connection between the act of drawing a distinction and the creation of form. Any distinction creates three sides, the marked, the unmarked as well as the boundary between the two. Distinctions occur within a space which allows and conditions the distinction. The result of this process is the creation of form. While this notion of the form goes against most western philosophical ideas from Platon, Aristotle, Leibniz, Kant to Husserl (Krämer, 1998) form becomes something that is not timeless, universal or eternal anymore. Rather something that is created by someone at some point from a specific viewpoint. Form is never given but always created. For the form to exist there always needs to be someone who creates the distinction. Form is observation. Creating form is observing, and the four elements are the constitutions of…

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